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Annual Food Drive

Each Summer, Seattle has an in-office contest to raise food and cash donations for the Ballard Food Bank. Averaging about 350 pounds and $3,000 each year, this is the largest single donation the food bank receives during the summer months. This annual effort—10 years running—leads up to an office-wide kickball game.

Athletics Aplenty

To say the Seattle office is into sports is an understatement! In addition to the annual kick-ball game noted above, there is an annual ski day, March Madness brackets, dart duels, World Cup viewing parties (on the video conference monitors), and, yes, a giant stadium made entirely of meat and cheese to celebrate the Super Bowl.

Party Barge

For those less-athletically inclined, there’s always the option to join an impromptu party on the office barge that gets pulled out from the marina in front of the building for happy hour.

Clowning Around

Elaborate costumes and a “spooky food” potluck round out the annual Halloween tradition in the Seattle office.

Chocolate...Always & All Ways!

There is no shortage of chocolate around the office, especially M&Ms which seem to disappear at an alarming rate!

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