The Aliso Creek Estuary Restoration Project takes a vital step toward restoring coastal wetland habitats designed to support a wide range of fish and wildlife, including listed species.

Why does this project matter?

Situated between two regionally significant ecosystems in Orange County, the Aliso Creek Estuary forms an important link between the natural habitats of the San Joaquin Hills and the coastal and offshore Laguna State Marine reserve “bluebelt.” The degraded estuary is currently the site of invasive plants bordering a stagnant lagoon of unhealthy urban runoff.

What is ESA doing to help?

The estuary restoration plan developed by ESA includes a conceptual design to support beach dune, tidal mudflats, salt marsh, tule marsh, cattails, and shallow freshwater habitats, which in turn will support a wide diversity of fish and wildlife species. The restored wetland habitats will also result in cleaner water entering the ocean and expanded public access.

The initiative involved public outreach and coordination with an onsite science team, as well as data collection, hydraulic and lagoon mouth modeling, and restoration and public access design.


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“There is bipartisan concern about oceans and health. This project is a step in the right direction.”
Los Angeles Times, Oct 13, 2017

Pat Bates, California State Senator

(R-Laguna Niguel)

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