Supporting NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service Office of Habitat Conservation

ESA is pleased to have been awarded NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service Office of Habitat Conservation IDIQ contracts for the Pacific Coast and South Atlantic Coast regions to provide a broad range of technical services to support habitat restoration and environmental programs in coastal, estuarine, and riverine environments.

We have developed this page to provide an overview of who, how, and where we can support NOAA for the duration of these contracts which run through July 2028.

The ESA Value

With thousands of completed projects, our technical team has a deep understanding of how to bring partners together to move projects forward quickly and efficiently. Collectively, the ESA Team can access more than 2,000 professionals, and our team has extensive experience working with NOAA throughout the Pacific Coast and South Atlantic Coast regions.

The ESA Project Management Team

Primary Contact

Julie Sullivan

NOAA Client Service Manager
25 years’ experience
Orlando, FL
Contact Julie

Secondary Contacts

Michelle Orr, PE

Program Manager – Pacific Coast Region
30 years’ experience
San Francisco, CA
Contact Michelle

Bryan Flynn, PE

Project Manager – South Atlantic Coast Region
20 years’ experience
Tampa, FL
Contact Bryan

In Partnership

ESA is working with a broad team of subconsultants throughout the Pacific Coast and South Atlantic Coast regions, and want to acknowledge their contributions to the important work we’ll do together: IEc, AECOS, AIS, Baird, Callaway Marine Technologies, Inc., Cinquini & Passarino, Inc, Cramer Fish Sciences, Dial Cordy and Associates, Gravity Marine, Kleinschmidt, KPFF, Marine Exchange of Alaska, Mithun, River Design Group, RPI, Sea Engineering, Inc., Shannon & Wilson, WSP.


ESA and our teaming partners are standing by to support NOAA. Here is a shortlist of services we can provide:

Assessment Studies
Including topographic, bathymetric, ecological, hydrologic, geotechnical, geomorphic, contaminated materials, hydrogeological, cultural, economic, wetlands and plant and animal community assessments.

Field Surveys
Including mapping and sampling which may require the use of boats and global positioning system (GPS) technology, and soil, sediment coring and/or surface or groundwater sampling equipment.

Including hydrologic and hydraulic evaluations, surface and groundwater quality and quantity, sediment or contaminant fate and transport, tidal elevation, tidal current and wave models.

Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Including support for environmental restoration and coastal resiliency projects.

Including project designs, construction plans, and permit applications as needed for compliance with federal, coastal state and local regulatory authorities.

Construction Support
Including administration, oversight, and project coordination.

Environmental Documentation
Including preparation of Restoration Plans (RPs), Environmental Assessments (EAs) and Environmental Impact Statements (EISs).

Communications, Engagement & Outreach
Including press releases, social media campaigns, photography and videography assets, websites, storymaps, email campaigns, meeting facilitation and coordination, public information campaigns.

Data Technology
Including custom application development, data compliance and mitigation tracking, data management strategy, geospatial, land, and species conservation systems, project tracking, software platforms.

Learn more about all the services ESA provides!

Coverage and Capacity

From coast to coast, ESA has worked on many projects across states covered by the Pacific and South Atlantic IDIQ contracts. Explore these projects in our featured projects, below.

From Concept Through Implementation

Dozens of ESA projects are constructed every year. Take a look at some of our select completed projects throughout the Pacific and Atlantic regions.