The use of technology in our industry—and our world—is changing the way in which we capture data, make decisions, and communicate our findings to stakeholders. 

In essence, it’s changing the way we do business. ESA is at the forefront of this evolutionary shift, helping our clients understand their projects from all-new perspectives.

Our talented team of data analysts, designers, developers, and engineers work closely with project teams to capture and transform highly complex data sets into usable information that enhances and clarifies audience understanding for a variety of project types. Whether developing a custom application to capture field data, designing a website to convey pertinent project findings to the public, or capturing high-quality UAV/drone footage to monitor a project site, we bring the best technological tools forward to help our clients meet their project goals.

Working across disciplines, our team provides a suite of ever-evolving services that support our clients and our staff to deliver the most accurate, comprehensive data for our projects from coast to coast.

The result? ESA can help you efficiently and effectively capture, process, analyze, and visualize data in a variety of formats.

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