The John T. Brooks Bridge is more than 50 years old and has been identified as needing replacement. It serves as a critical segment of the US 98 corridor, carrying an average daily traffic count of 66,000 drivers traveling over the Santa Rosa Sound and Gulf Intercoastal Waterway, according to the Florida Department of Transportation. 

Why does this project matter?

Determined eligible for federal replacement funds, the $171 million design-build replacement project will result in twin replacement bridges with 11-foot travel lanes, 10-foot inside and outside shoulders, and 12-foot shared-use paths. The project also involves intersection improvements at Perry Avenue and an associated stormwater management system. These improvements will result in better traffic flow through the area, safe multi-use access with scenic outlooks, and better drainage.

What is ESA doing to help?

ESA has been providing environmental permitting support services to the Superior/WSP Design Build Team since the Summer of 2022. Immediately after notice to proceed, ESA began permit application submittals to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), allowing the team to start navigating the approval process and avoid project delays due to permitting review periods. All necessary NEPA, U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), State of Florida, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit activities were managed by the ESA team.

Informed by a broad range of bridge project experience, ESA initiated pre-application coordination and an in-person pre-application meeting between the USCG and the Design Build Team in New Orleans, which proved instrumental in developing a relationship to expedite future coordination efforts. ESA was also able to acquire the necessary final State of Florida Sovereign Submerged Lands authorizations to permit a temporary work trestle easement, allowing the design-build team to meet the construction schedule.

The bridge is under construction with final acceptance anticipated in October 2027.

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