The ESA Fisheries and Aquatic Science team conducts annual monitoring of two populations of the endangered Owens tui chub, a native fish species endemic to the Owens Valley, CA.

Why does this project matter?

This monitoring effort complies with a mitigation measure required for the implementation of the Casa Diablo IV Geothermal Power Plant in Owens Valley, and monitors any potential impact on this endangered fish species and its habitat. In addition to the mitigation measure, this project provides a unique opportunity to build long-term data sets for the aquatic habitat, benthic macroinvertebrate communities, and population trends for two of the six remaining populations of this endangered fish.


What is ESA doing to help?

ESA is providing a full suite of fish and aquatic services including study design, obtaining federal and state handling permits, field data collection, data analysis, and reporting. Each year, the Fisheries and Aquatic Science team conducts sampling at two waterbodies in the Owens Valley to index the population health and habitat of Owens tui chub. The team captures and tags Owens tui chub to evaluate the long-term trends in abundance and survival of these endangered fish.

Clockwise from left: Owens Tui Chub are measured and tagged, electrofishing is used to capture fish for surveying and observation, the team conducts habitat assessments to analyze how conditions adjust over the years, minnow trapping at a pond site.

See more about this work in the video below:

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