Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) is a collaborative grassroots policy organization working to chart a sustainable and profitable future for Manitoba farmers. KAP needed a solution to migrate their Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) from a paper-based system to a scalable web platform.

Why does this project matter?

KAP’s EFP helps farm managers identify and quantify their agri-environmental assets and risks in order to develop beneficial management practices that address the identified risks. By following the action plan, farmers improve air, water, and soil quality; conserve biodiversity; and make their commodities eligible for sale to buyers concerned about sustainability.

What is ESA doing to help?

The EFP enables farmers to learn about environmental farm practices and generate high-quality, customizable plans specific to their individual farm sites. The web platform developed by the ESA Technology Services Group is an easy-to-use system that walks farmers through a few layers of workflows that supports collaboration and feedback from KAP’s Technical Assistance staff. The solution also provides flexibility for administrators to update content as the science improves and sustainability practices change over time.

KAP’s project solicitation asked for a custom software product. We recommended a hybrid approach: by leveraging proven open-source solutions, KAP was able to jump-start the development of their custom platform. The open-source approach allows KAP to truly own the core platform, rather than buying a license that must be renewed year after year with a locked-in vendor.

Today, many Manitoba farmers use this new online platform to fill out their EFP workbooks, which are then evaluated by KAP. Farmers receiving a Statement of Completion are eligible to receive financial assistance to execute their action plans.


Client Keystone Agricultural Producers of Manitoba

Location Manitoba, CANADA

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