The sustainable conservation and responsible stewardship of our biological communities is central to many planning efforts in a rapidly changing global environment.

ESA’s botanists, wildlife and fisheries biologists, wetlands scientists, land managers, and ecologists are recognized as subject experts and problem solvers. We have surveyed and assessed a wide variety of natural communities, including terrestrial and aquatic species, sensitive natural communities, and wetlands.

We have certified arborists, registered professional foresters, and certified wildlife biologists on staff, as well as staff who hold Section 10(a) and scientific collection permits for a number of listed species. Our land managers have developed planning and compliance documents for resource agencies and Native American tribes across all of our regions.

We develop integrated solutions for complex biological issues that are founded in scientific integrity, credibility, and accuracy. Our team of scientists and planners use tools and approaches that streamline data collection and analyses that help decision makers see the overall effects of actions taken. We assess sites for their suitability to support listed species using advanced detection technologies and remote sensing and develop habitat suitability models to predict species presence.

We have the ability to conduct large-scale biological resources surveys in aquatic and terrestrial environments, including aquatic resource/fisheries surveys, wetland delineations, botanical inventories, and protocol surveys for many listed species. Our team prepares land management plans, environmental documents, and recreation plans to assist land managers in conservation for the protection, sustainability, and enjoyment of our natural resources.

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