One of Sacramento County’s largest construction projects in its history, the Sacramento International Airport 1.1 billion-dollar “Big Build” embarked on an aggressive construction schedule hinging on expert support to coordinate the mitigation, permitting, and agency coordination.

Why does this project matter?

On a fast-track schedule, this major project involved a strong partnership with the construction team, client, and agencies to comply with regulations, minimizing environmental impacts, and protecting sensitive species.

What is ESA doing to help?

As Sacramento County Airport System’s on-call natural resource consultant, ESA worked with the client, design team, contractor, and subcontractors to ensure environmental compliance throughout construction.

From protecting sensitive habitats to stormwater compliance, ESA provided on-the-ground solutions to keep this premier project on track. ESA coordinated environmental planning and permitting efforts with more than nine local and federal agencies and provided on-call expertise related to habitat management, air quality monitoring, dewatering permits, and preconstruction surveys.

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