Biological surveys are conducted to monitor the ecological response of newly-constructed tidal marshes that are often rapidly occupied by fishes and their prey.

Why does this project matter?

The Hamilton Wetlands restoration project has restored 900 acres of tidal and seasonal wetlands at the former Hamilton U.S. Army airfield. In addition to working on critical design elements of the tidal wetland restoration project, ESA has been conducting fisheries community surveys of the site for the past five years in order to track the utilization of the newly restored habitat by native fishes and understand the dynamics influencing fish diversity.

What is ESA doing to help?

We are conducting annual monitoring surveys at the restoration site by employing beach seines and otter trawls to index the fish community. Our team is leading all aspects of annual monitoring including study design, field sampling, data collection, data analysis, and production of annual reports.

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Client California State Coastal Conservancy

Location Novato, CA

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