Recognized as one of the greenest ports in the world, the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) sought efficient and effective guidance in developing a long-term plan to guide their sustainability initiatives.

Why does this project matter?

For their first public sustainability report, POLA developed a framework for planning and reporting, identify material issues, and develop sustainability metrics encompassing environmental, economic, and social aspects of POLA’s operations and management.

What is ESA doing to help?

ESA worked with POLA from the initial assessment and formulation through report design and final publication of their first public Sustainability Report. The report focuses on 15 major Port programs that address energy and climate change, air quality, waste reduction, port water quality and aquatic habitats, health and safety, security, and the local economy. The report benchmarks best practices in the city’s maritime and airport sectors, as well as other City of Los Angeles departments.

ESA helped POLA to meet the City of Los Angeles’ sustainability mission and goals by developing an easy-to-use document that charts the tracking of material issues, displays goals and metrics and effectively communicates the Port’s commitment to sustainable development. POLA’s final 2011 sustainability report includes scorecards that track program implementation and rate sustainability performance.


Client Port of Los Angeles

Location Los Angeles, CA


The Port’s first ever public sustainability report

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