ESA is assisting the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Aviation Office (AO) in managing one of the country’s busiest and most comprehensive state aviation systems.

Why does this project matter?

Florida is known for having one of the busiest aviation systems in the country, comprised of 129 public-use commercial service and general aviation airports. The FDOT AO plays a crucial role in managing and developing the state’s aviation system to ensure that it is safe, resilient, reliable, and secure for all users. Some of the key responsibilities of FDOT AO include aviation system development, grant program administration, airport regulation/licensing, intergovernmental coordination, public outreach, and emergency operations management.

What is ESA doing to help?

As the Aviation Support Consultant, ESA assists the FDOT AO in managing the state’s aviation system by performing a number of projects across multiple disciplines, which include planning, engineering, environmental, emergency response, security, and technical analysis. Since 2019, ESA’s team of experts have contributed to the completion of projects related to the following:

  • Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Planning and Outreach
  • Florida Aviation Database (FAD) Review and Module Updates
  • Airport Zoning Compliance
  • Wildlife Hazard Program for Non-Part 139 Airports
  • Aviation Emergency Response Guidebook
  • Statewide Airport Stormwater Study
  • Air Cargo and Air Service Studies
  • Florida Aviation Grant Risk Assessment Procedure
  • Implementation of Florida Statute 332.0075
  • CFASPP Administrative Support
  • Disaster Preparedness Training
  • Florida Airport Directory and Aeronautical Chart Updates

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One of the most robust state aviation programs in the county.

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