Oregon Metro is a regional government agency for the Portland metropolitan area, providing services including coordinating among constituent agencies to manage green spaces such as parks and trails, constructed wetlands, and stormwater BMP assets. The agency needed a system to strategically plan what maintenance would be done, who would do it, and how it would be funded.

Why does this project matter?

Our Technology Services group was selected to build a custom database application to address these challenges. While there are many software applications designed for urban property management, this platform specializes in green space land management. The resulting TerraTrak platform creates a single system of record for the data and documents needed for planning, budgeting, reporting, and contract management. The platform helps Oregon Metro increase operational efficiency with specialized workflows for administrative tasks such as purchase negotiations, legal reviews, asset inventories, and environmental monitoring.

What is ESA doing to help?

To provide a solution, ESA Technology Services began by conducting an extensive discovery process to understand the needs of Metro staff along with the 24 cities and 3 counties working under Metro jurisdiction, and the various contractors and funding agencies involved in green space management. To support coordination in this complex environment, we recommended a system that would enable users to design custom workflows as needed for various stakeholders and project activities.

TerraTrak is now being used to support administrative needs such as project management, task tracking, plant material management, and real estate acquisitions. To date, TerraTrak has helped Oregon Metro manage over 650 acquisitions, 200 sites, 1,160 projects, and 7000+ project tasks.

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“Our team here is really embracing this new tool so much more quickly and easily than I imagined. That speaks to the intuitive design and thoughtful approach to really understanding what we do and how we do it.”

Kathleen Brennan-Hunter, Former Parks and Nature Director

Oregon Metro

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