The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation’s (DNRC’s) system, which managed a wide range of financial transactions, leases, agreements, and permits for economic and recreational activities on State Trust Lands, was aging; however, before modernizing and moving to the cloud, DNRC needed a better understanding of their users and their diversity of needs, along with a full assessment their workflows and technology dependencies.

Why does this project matter?

ESA Technology Services conducted a Data Diagnostic to identify functional gaps, inefficiencies, and opportunities with DNRC’s existing processes and systems. After completing a thorough user task and workflow analysis, assessing data management and reporting needs, and identifying and evaluating alternatives, we began a phased implementation of the new Trust Lands Management System (TLMS).

What is ESA doing to help?

The new TLMS is a modern web application built using a flexible architecture that enables access from multiple platforms, including the State’s single sign-on service and enterprise GIS system. The platform contains API endpoints to integrate with a public-facing portal and provides reporting services to support high-level decision-making and oversight.

Uniting the Forestry, Agriculture & Grazing, Mining & Minerals, and Recreation Bureaus under a shared system ensures greater consistency of program implementation and more holistic spatial management of Montana’s trust lands. This solution also establishes a financial system that serves as the single source for all revenue collection and reporting related to trust lands.

We are working seamlessly with DNRC staff as they transition users into the expanded, modernized platform while continuing to support the daily operational needs of the bureaus.

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“The ESA Technology Services team understands our interests, brings excellent technical skills to the project, and has been incredibly organized and responsive throughout the process.”

Sarah Lyngholm , Forest Products Sales Supervisor

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Client Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

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