Habitat restoration is not only integral to recovery of endangered wildlife—it can also effectively address flood management, water quality, and erosion concerns.

It brings multi-benefit and cost-effective solutions that offset pressure from increased development and associated water resource depletion, habitat degradation, and declining biodiversity.

For more than 40 years, ESA has been collaborating with clients to protect, enhance, and restore natural ecosystems. We have remained at the forefront of the ecosystem restoration practice by providing an integrated, multi-discipline approach that is grounded in a deep understanding of ecology and geomorphology.

Our restoration team offers diverse services, from advancing restoration science to overseeing in-the-ground restoration, and everything in between. Our expertise extends from initial feasibility, planning, and conceptual design, through environmental compliance documentation, permitting, preparation of design drawings and specifications, construction observation, and post-project monitoring.

We view restoration from a “watershed” perspective that accounts for the connectivity and interdependence of hydrology, geomorphology, habitats, and living resources. We recognize the concerns of local communities, and we strive to develop design solutions that incorporate natural and human benefits, including sustainable water supply, flood and erosion protection, water quality improvement, habitat restoration, and recreation.

Using this approach, we have successfully planned, permitted, designed, constructed, and monitored numerous projects throughout the West Coast and Gulf Coast. We bring specialized expertise in a full range of native habitats from headwaters to coast.

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