This comprehensive management plan provides a practical framework for planning and executing short- and long-term conservation projects on the RMS Queen Mary, a retired British ocean liner that has become a Southern California historic landmark.

Why does this project matter?

Prioritizing actions that can be realistically accomplished with existing or accessible resources, the conservation program is being implemented by the City of Long Beach to ensure the RMS Queen Mary will maintain its grandeur and appeal as a tourist destination.

What is ESA doing to help?

ESA has overseen three major projects to guide the preservation of the ship’s art, artifacts, and historic vessel. In 2008, ESA completed the fine and decorative arts survey, which identified and classified more than 4,000 fine and decorative art items.

A conservation management plan (CMP), completed by ESA in 2011, included a conservation assessment survey, a management capacity assessment, and recommendations that will serve as a long-range planning tool.

And in 2017, ESA prepared a historic structure report after conducting ship-wide field investigations of its decks and spaces. This extensive report serves as a baseline reference document for use in all planning and preservation efforts.

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Client City of Long Beach

Location Long Beach, CA


2012 California Preservation Foundation Award for Cultural Resources Studies and Reports

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