ESA Technology Services makes custom application development feasible and affordable with our proven agile methodology, complete application management services, and a range of foundational open-source platforms. Our custom solutions directly support your organizational objectives, your workflows, and your data management strategy, while minimizing cost, risk, and time to delivery.

Our app development team runs deep. We have more than 50 systems architects, application engineers, GIS technicians, data management specialists, business analysts, and technical project managers. This team is supported by our extensive staff of scientists, engineers, and subject matter experts, with a deep understanding of the people, policies, and processes in the markets and regions we serve. Together we provide a uniquely qualified team to design and build innovative and transformative software solutions for our clients.

Foundational Platforms
Our Technology Services group has worked together to build custom software solutions since 2008. Over that time, we noticed common challenges facing our clients. Rather than solving the same problems over and over, we decided to build a suite of software platforms to serve as the foundation for our custom software solutions, so our clients can avoid the cost and time investment of building from scratch. These platforms act as a springboard for custom development, enabling us to deliver fully customized solutions at a competitive price and schedule compared to off-the-shelf software products. Our suite of platforms includes ProjectFirma®, GeoOptix®, TerraTrak™, Comment Tracker™, Miradi, Open Water Accounting™, and Stormwater Tools™. For more information, visit our Software Platforms page.

Open Source Development
Many of ESA’s software platforms are licensed as open source, meaning that anyone is free to work with the code. In the private sector, examples of open-source software include Firefox as well as Linux and Android operating systems. In the public sector, open-source software is an increasingly common choice as agencies seek to optimize the value of public funding by allowing their code to be available for subsequent projects across the country.

Choosing an open-source solution offers many benefits to our clients. Open-source software avoids vendor lock-in; you will always be able to manage and modify your custom software solution using in-house or third-party resources. Open-source software also brings together user communities who can share knowledge and pool resources to fund ongoing upgrades and feature expansions.

Agile Methodology
With decades of software development experience on our Technology Services team, we have honed our approach and methods to deliver scalable, repeatable results. Our flexible teams utilize an agile development process featuring one-month sprints, providing clients with regular opportunities to review and accept our work. This iterative approach drives constant collaboration between staff and stakeholders, allowing us to quickly respond to feedback and continuously refine the solution, while also giving our clients the benefit of working with production-level software throughout the implementation phase. This open and transparent approach allows us to move fast while giving clients significant control and flexibility.

Complete Application Management Services
We understand that delivering a custom software solution is the beginning of the client journey, not the end. We provide support for our clients over the full course of the solution’s lifecycle with a wide range of application management services. These services may include hosting and cloud services, as well as upgrades and refinements to ensure ongoing compatibility with integrated technology systems. Services may also include onboarding and training resources as well as long-term technical support.

Technical Expertise
By coupling our technical prowess – C#, Java, Python, node.js, SQL, R, PostgresSQL, Mongo, InfluxDB, ETL, Neo4j, GIS, HTML/CSS3, Javascript, Ionic, Angular, React, Shiny, Docker, Kubernetes, and more – with our domain experts across the firm,  we are perfectly suited to fulfill the specific needs of partners and clients looking for sustainable, resilient, and equitable solutions that shape a better world.

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