Field data collection

ESA’s cross-disciplinary expertise aligns science and technology in our solutions to optimize data accuracy, accessibility, and utility. 

Our value stems from the union of technology services with domain expertise in science and policy, developed over the last 50+ years of project experience with planning, resource management, and regulatory compliance.  Our solutions for data acquisition, monitoring, and analysis are designed in collaboration with our clients and with the added benefit of ESA’s subject matter experts across all of our markets and service lines. This experience has helped us solve common data management challenges such as standardizing data acquisition across varied sites and participants, centralizing and streamlining program analysis, and automating quality assurance review. We offer full integration of geospatial data as well as specialized cloud-based platforms such as GeoOptix® for flexible and scalable data collection, synthesis, and management.

ESA’s solutions improve the visibility, consistency, and completeness of the data our clients and their partners collect and manage. Benefits include streamlined data management processes, standardized and quality-assured data, and secure access to critical data sets. Our solutions further support data sharing for greater collaboration, encouraging peer review and optimizing data value.

Collecting and interpreting data is just the first step in addressing complex public issues such as watershed management, community development, and resiliency planning. Our ability to communicate and foster collaboration is key to our success. Our technical staff works closely with our software developers to turn complex data into easy-to-interpret displays and reports. We are experts at presenting sophisticated concepts in terms that everyone can understand.

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