Keith has over 29 years of experience in the field of technology architecture and software/systems engineering. Keith was a co-founder of Sitka Technology Group and served as both CTO and CFO throughout Sitka history prior to the merger with ESA.

In his current role as Technology Director, Keith continues to set the vision for strategic development that aligns with marketplace opportunities and technology advancements. Keith also oversees the Managed Services group and its federally mandated Information Security program, and he serves as Product Manager for the SaaS data management platform, GeoOptix®. In addition to administrative duties, Keith provides strategic client engagements and project oversight, enhancing team capabilities with consultation for vision setting, strategic development, and operational insights.

Keith credits his leadership success to persistent focus on delivering business value with government or private sector clients. Keith earned a B.S. in Business with a concentration in Finance and Law from Portland State University. He also holds the title of inventor on US Patent #6,404,866 B1.