ESA delivers data and technology solutions that help clients meet all types of water resource management challenges, from conservation programs and water accounting to stormwater management, watershed monitoring, and climate change resilience.

ESA Technology Services delivers solutions that improve operational efficiencies and expand data management capabilities to help our clients advance program or project goals. Our successful outcomes begin with insightful needs assessments and workflow analyses that define a clear path forward to address complex challenges and environments. Our approach promotes collaboration and open communication, producing innovative solutions that directly support client objectives and enable effective adaptive management.

With more than 100 water domain experts firmwide, we bring holistic solutions that respond to this rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. They provide essential advisory expertise in the fields of water planning, resource development, and conservation programs, as well as guidance on modeling, engineering, and water data management.

Over the years, our experience in this field has revealed common pain points and data challenges for water resource managers. Rather than starting from scratch for each client, we worked with partners to create customizable modular platforms licensed as open-source software, including Stormwater Tools, Urban Drool Tool, and Open Water Accounting. We also offer specialized software platforms for project management and field data collection. These platforms serve as a springboard for us to provide clients with rapid, cost-effective development of customized software solutions.

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