We help program administrators achieve their long-term goals with custom web-based software that facilitates adaptive planning and coordinated action among partners, all while improving transparency for stakeholders and the public.

Some of the most challenging problems we address come from program administrators charged with managing a portfolio of past, present, and future projects to achieve long-term regional goals. They must coordinate activities among a diverse group of stakeholders, while also managing complex data sets as well as shifting budgets and funding sources over time. We help program administrators manage this complexity and foster collaboration by delivering comprehensive software solutions that put them in control of their portfolios. These solutions often include features like streamlined tracking of expenditures and accomplishments by project location and funding source, or automated roll-up reporting and performance analyses.

Adaptive Management is essential for successful program and portfolio stewardship. To empower adaptive management, we design systems that organize, standardize, and secure all program information within a knowledge infrastructure—a single source of truth. This includes not just data collected in the field, but also information about project tracking and program operations, policy obligations and constraints, and management scenarios and decision records. The knowledge systems we build support a wide range of users, from field-level staff collecting data to managers needing succinct, dashboard-level summaries of status, trends, and projections to make informed decisions.

Over the years, our experience serving program administrators has revealed common pain points and data management challenges. Rather than starting from scratch for each client, we decided to leverage prior development efforts by creating flexible and customizable software platforms such as GeoOptix®, ProjectFirma®, and TerraTrak™. These modular and integrative platforms support workflows including planning, data collection, results tracking, financial analysis, and more. They serve as a springboard for us to provide clients with rapid, cost-effective development of custom solutions.

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