These foundational platforms provide a springboard for rapid design and deployment of the custom solutions we build for each client.

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Our Platforms


Improve data management and foster collaboration with ProjectFirma, a project tracking platform customized for each client’s operational needs.


Simplify data collection and management in the cloud with GeoOptix, an ideal tool for field monitoring activities ranging from scientific studies to compliance monitoring.


TerraTrack is a specialized tool to operationalize land management for conservation planning. This platform helps users simplify workflows for site management and restoration programs.

Groundwater Accounting Platform

The Groundwater Accounting Platform provides location specific data for water supply and usage in near real time, enabling property owners and water managers to calculate water budgets and support trading.

Stormwater Tools

A specialized platform for wastewater management, Stormwater Tools enables users to assess stormwater BMP performance directly from an integrated asset inventory.

Comment Tracker™

Comment Tracker brings consistency and efficiency to the document review and approval process. It provides a single coordinated platform to foster a more collaborative team effort with greater accuracy.


Miradi enables users to design and manage conservation projects with essential tools used by thousands of teams around the world.

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