With more than 22 million acres of forested land, the State of Washington needed a standardized, systematic approach to understand ecosystem health and enable strategic forest management across various public and private lands.

Why does this project matter?

The Forest Action Plan meets that need with a statewide program to restore and manage forested landscapes, setting restoration and conservation goals to reduce wildfire risk and increase the health and resilience of forest and aquatic ecosystems. The ESA Technology Services Group developed the web-based Forest Health Tracker platform to help Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) better monitor and manage projects in the Forest Action Plan.

What is ESA doing to help?

The Forest Health Tracker provides a secure portal for project managers as well as a public-facing website to share performance indicators and project details. It provides a centralized database to store new projects and archive historic projects, helping planners understand long-term trends and results.

This platform also supports grant management functionality with tools to track funding sources, planned budgets, and expenditures. Financial features include a tool to manage a cost-sharing program for private landowners who improve the health of their forested land. Additionally, the Forest Health Tracker allows reconciliation of financial data against feeds from the State’s financial system of record.

The Forest Health Tracker leveraged the open-source ProjectFirma® platform as a springboard for rapid and cost-effective application development.

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“Working with ESA Technology Services has been a great experience. It’s rare to get a consultant or contractor with their combination of technical expertise, knowledge about our business intricacies, and ability to rapidly understand complexities.”

Andy Tate, Forest Health Grants Manager



Client Washington State Department of Natural Resources

Location Washington (statewide)

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