Improve Data Management and Foster Collaboration with Software Customized for your Operational Needs

ProjectFirma is a community-driven, open-source software platform specifically designed to manage data and monitor results for conservation and restoration projects. This highly customizable web and mobile tool helps regional initiatives and partnerships coordinate efforts and quantify their collective impact. ProjectFirma is perfectly suited for regional organizations who need to track and share high-level details of various projects with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.

ProjectFirma provides a foundation for the fully customized solutions we design for each client. This approach delivers the tailored fit of a custom software application without the time and cost of building from scratch.

Is ProjectFirma a fit for your organization?

Yes, if you want to track progress and results in a centralized system

Yes, if you want to quantify accomplishments and share your story

Yes, if you want to coordinate efforts and foster consensus among various funders, decision makers, and partners

ProjectFirma is ideally suited to integrate with a variety of technology systems, bringing all data and information together into a centralized system of record.


  1. Foster Collaboration: Coordinate actions and resources, facilitate group decision making
  2. Improve Data Management: Standardize processes for data collection and record keeping to better understand expenditures and accomplishments
  3. Increase Efficiency: Streamline and automate common workflows to save time and money
  4. Tell Your Story: Engage the public with reports and a public-facing web portal

ProjectFirma Features

ProjectFirma features a comprehensive set of tools specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by environmental project managers.

Design your own custom workflows for proposing, reviewing, approving, and updating projects

Advanced data visualizations help you monitor progress and quantify results

Track progress via maps, charts, and photos

Chart project data with benchmark or target values

Data-driven analysis enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of program or priority initiatives

Simplified tracking designed to facilitate natural resource management

Associate projects with geospatial areas such as watersheds, counties, management areas, habitat zones, etc

Answer questions such as “how many acres of forested habitat have been restored this year in a particular county, using a particular funding source, or working with a particular partner?”

Quantifies accomplishments and expenditures by funding source

Track funding sources by organization and type

Generate reports for funders that chart their contributions with specific priorities, geospatial areas, and accomplishments

Answer questions such as “how do changes in funding levels impact project outcomes?”

Centralized source of shared data for regional stakeholders

Automatically rolls up data by program category, geography, and theme

Easy-to-use tools for report generation, data sharing, and public engagement, including one page Project Fact Sheets (shown here)

Supports geospatial data import and live connections with GIS servers such as ArcGIS and GeoServer

Easily integrates with other sites, tools, and databases


One platform provides a website for public engagement and a secure administrative portal for registered users

Enables flexible content management with user friendly interface

Generates reports in a variety of formats

Promotes program transparency and accountability

Customized visual design to match your brand identity

“The online platform is a powerful tool that improves transparency and accountability and allows us to showase the great work being done.”

Kimberly Caringer | EIP Division Manager, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

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