Operationalize Management and Stewardship for Green Spaces

TerraTrak is a customizable web-based platform for managing and tracking green infrastructure assets, such as parks, open spaces, trails, urban forests, constructed wetlands, stormwater BMP structures, wildlife corridors, and other natural habitats. Local and regional government agencies rely on TerraTrak as a single system of record for every activity related to green space management, from surveys and acquisitions to restoration projects and ongoing site administration.

Built for green space management, TerraTrak is designed to support a range of user-defined workflows for administrative needs such as project budgeting, task tracking, materials purchasing and distribution, real estate acquisitions, and contract management. By streamlining and automating these common tasks, TerraTrak improves operational efficiencies. It provides a shared, centralized source of data and documentation so that users can more effectively collaborate to implement strategic initiatives for stewardship of natural areas.

Is TerraTrak a fit for your organization?

Yes, if you are a municipality or regional organization managing 30+ green space properties

Yes, if you are using ad hoc manual processes resulting in errors and inefficiencies in land use management

Yes, if you have process gaps resulting in unreasonable delays, ineffective approvals oversight, or data quality problems

Categorize projects, work efforts, tasks, properties, etc. by type to support differentiated user workflows, contract terms, documentation needs, etc


  1. Manage Operations: Increase efficiency with specialized workflows for common administrative tasks
  2. Guide Planning and Investment: Make informed decisions with a single system of record for data, documents, and financial history
  3. Increase Efficiency: Streamline and automate common workflows to save time and money

TerraTrak Features

Unlike software designed for built environment properties, TerraTrak is uniquely suited to handle workflows and record keeping for green space management.

Categorize projects, work efforts, tasks, properties, etc. by type to support differentiated data standards and workflows

Design customized workflows, project formats, and data collection requirements

Create your own customized user roles and permissions

Leverage secure, searchable storage for maps, site element inventories, contracts, and other key documents

Export data in a variety of formats, or integrate TerraTrak with enterprise software platforms such as Power BI

Assign project activities and track progress through project workflow checklists

Order materials and track inventory

Set goals and tasks, monitor progress, then quantify and track results

Manage material allocations and distribution of inventory to project sites

Calculate weighted average cost for materials, on demand and at Fiscal Year End



Design customized workflows for proposing, reviewing, approving, and updating projects

Set up approval workflows to support proper sequence and accountability

View calendar of scheduled tasks and deliveries

Standardize and codify processes for land acquisitions, contract management, etc

Monitor spending alongside annual planned, approved and remaining funds

Estimate project budgets, review budget proposals, and allocate funds

Track costs with itemized spending records

Track invoicing for completed work

Evaluate effectiveness of project spending

Track funding sources and associate sources with various projects for accounting and reporting purposes

“With the workflow improvements that you have helped us identify, our people can stay focused on their core mission of protecting and enhancing lands for the public to enjoy.”

Katy Weil | Oregon Metro

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