Leverage Data to Better Understand and Manage Water Supply, Usage, and Trading

Climate change and population growth are driving many communities to make tough decisions about water use. It is more important than ever that water managers and agricultural water users have access to the best possible data to balance supply and demand. ESA is deeply involved in the challenge to chart a sustainable future for water resources. The Groundwater Accounting Platform is the result of a partnership with Environmental Defense FundOlsson, and ESA.

This platform enables water managers, landowners, and water users to track water budgets and usage in near real-time. The platform includes modules for groundwater modeling and water trading, providing a complete set of tools for local water districts to better manage allocations over time. As open-source software, the Groundwater Accounting Platform provides a springboard for water districts everywhere to launch and customize their own software applications.

Is Groundwater Accounting Platform a fit for your organization?

Yes, if you want to enable informed, effective resource planning for regional water managers

Yes, if you want to empower landowners to optimize water usage and manage seasonal supply

Yes, if you want to achieve sustainable water supply and usage as conditions change

The Groundwater Accounting Platform accepts water supply data from a variety of sources including satellite, flow meters, and sensor networks. The platform supports water trading between landowners, and outputs support management decisions such as billing and allocation planning.


  1. Measure: Enable water managers and agricultural users to understand their water use and available supply in near real-time
  2. Manage: Empower well-informed decision making with advanced modeling
  3. Trade: Establish a local marketplace for water trading
  4. Support Sustainability: Meet regulatory objectives for your region

Groundwater Accounting Platform Features

The Groundwater Accounting Platform features a full set of tools for both landowners and water managers.

Track water supply data and account for usage in near real-time

Secure login to individual landowner accounts

Secure administrative portal for water managers

Create, view, and manage water budgets

Landowners can check their water budget and outstanding balance online, similar to how they check their bank account online

Review water use data specific to each parcel

Track cumulative water usage over time, and monitor monthly usage trends


Water managers can monitor groundwater use and account for customers’ water usage to inform district billing

Review cumulative supply and usage data across your region/jurisdiction

Real time data empowers adaptive management to achieve compliance with water supply regulations

Review district trading activity (with the optional Trading Module)

Model the hydrological impacts of various supply and usage scenarios with the optional Groundwater Evaluation Tool (GET) from Olsson

Evaluate the hydrological impacts of groundwater pumping

Automated groundwater model integration with water accounting framework allows evaluation of actual and hypothetical allocation and trading scenarios

Potential management decisions can be evaluated in advance for long-term benefits and impacts

Post offers to buy and sell water

Post counter-offers and negotiate online

Review buying and selling activity for your account

Facilitate the transfer of allocations at the request of landowners

A managed local marketplace gives water users a viable economic alternative to “use it or lose it” model

“We developed this accounting and trading platform because we want to provide landowners and growers with as many tools as possible to manage their water more sustainably and balance their water budget.”

Eric Averett | Former General Manager, Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District

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