We apply the scientific method to address complex problems and seek informed, practical solutions.

Our team of fish biologists, aquatic ecologists, modelers, and water quality experts are professional scientists who find no greater joy than getting out on the water to test hypotheses and apply the scientific method. We provide special studies services for our clients who are exploring options to address complex problems that are not necessarily prescribed by existing protocols and methods, requiring tailored, applied science to inform management solutions.

These studies involve inventive problem-solving and study design preparation, field deployment and execution, sophisticated data analysis and reporting, involving the application of innovative and technologically advanced approaches, and collaboration with resource agencies, academia, and other scientific institutions.

Left, fisheries biologists collect water quality samples as part of a study monitoring invasive aquatic weeds for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. Right, collected data is recorded and assessed utilizing a data explorer tool developed by the ESA team to inform future mitigation strategies. 

ESA’s national team of more than 36 fisheries biologists, aquatic ecologists, water quality and data scientists include 5 PhDs and 12 with master’s degrees, meaning that our clients are getting top-notch scientists that are skilled and practiced in developing and implementing studies that target specific management questions with a clear focus on management actions.

Our goal is to contribute to the greater scientific community through published papers, presentations, and data sharing to ultimately achieve what we are all after – solving complex problems that lead to protecting the health of our most sensitive aquatic resources.


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