Water quality is critical to human health and habitat sustainability.

Balancing water quality with the increasing demands of development requires integrated solutions. ESA provides the technical expertise and practical knowledge necessary to develop water quality plans and solutions that are scientifically sound, sustainable, and technically feasible.

Our experts have produced hydrologic and pollutant load modeling for stormwater management, and they bring experience developing resource-based water quality targets throughout the U.S. Our team has authored and produced water quality restoration plans that have been adopted by local and state governments, as well as water quality standards that have been reviewed and adopted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. We have developed sediment and dredge material management plans that comply with a wide range of federal and state laws while meeting our clients’ goals.

Related specialties and services:

  • Aquatic/terrestrial biology analyses
  • Empirically derived and mechanistic water quality modeling
  • NPDES permit assistance
  • Point and non-point source pollutant loading models
  • Resource-based water quality targets
  • Water quality analyses

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