Dr. Bob Woithe is a senior environmental scientist with 30 years of experience in large wetland and ecosystem assessment, modeling, monitoring, and data analysis projects. Bob’s focus has been watershed management and environmental monitoring and assessment programs in southeastern U.S. marine, aquatic, and terrestrial ecosystems with particular emphasis on water quality and habitat.

He is lead scientist for some of the largest, non-governmental, long-term river, wetland, and estuarine monitoring and modeling programs in the region which collect, process, and analyze several million measurements a year. Bob managed the water resources and modeling group and lead the headquarters office for Florida’s largest engineering firm.

He has been a member of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council Data Collection Advisory Panel and Coastal Migratory Pelagics Advisory Panel, the National Marine Fisheries Service SEDAR 49 panel, the FEMA Risk Index Data Analysis Working Group, the Manatee Chamber of Commerce Natural Resources Committee, the Manatee Phosphate Community Advisory Panel, and a Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council Independent Science Reviewer.