As the Southern California Environmental Hydrology & Design Director, Nick leads the regional team’s focus on wetland restoration planning and design, flood hazard analyses, integrated water resource management, and sea-level rise analysis and adaptation.

As a  hydrologist and civil engineer with 19 years of experience in the field he has prepared and managed a full suite of environmental hyrology and design servcies working with river, estuarine, and coastal systems. A leader in this field, Nick has advanced innovative approaches to flood hazard analyses and large-scale wetland restoration projects along the California Coast. He has also engaged in research, conference presentations, and peer-reviewed publications on topics such as the evaluation of flood risks and channel morphology. His technical expertise includes the assessment and modeling of fluvial and coastal and hydraulics and flood hazards, wetland hydrology and geomorphology, sediment dynamics, and engineering design.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Science in geology from Brown University and a Master of Science in civil and environmental engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.