Tomales Bay is home to some of the most unique habitats in California. Its shoreline supports residences, commercial establishments, and key transportation arteries.

Why does this project matter?

Rising water levels and heightened storm frequency pose an immediate threat, causing erosion and flooding, ultimately resulting in inundation. These risks will have a detrimental effect on the local economy and community.

What is ESA doing to help?

ESA has been working with the community to plan for the threat of sea-level rise with adaptation planning and community outreach measures. ESA collaborated with a team of local and statewide experts to develop a series of site-specific living shoreline approaches tailored for Tomales Bay by assessing its unique existing habitats and shoreline. This innovative living shoreline approach drew from other recent projects that were developed in the San Francisco Bay and rooted it in local conditions and shoreline needs. ESA led the development of a feasibility study, conceptual design of two project sites (Martinelli Park and Cypress Grove), regulatory roadmap, and public outreach.

Tomales Bay is an iconic estuary facing imminent threats of shoreline erosion and flooding.

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“If we fortify the shoreline with rock or seawalls, we will continue to lose critical shoreline habitats over time. That means that even if public access is preserved, the natural beauty of the landscape would degrade over time, and with that the experience of park users. Living shorelines projects like these create a pathway to preserving both the vulnerable infrastructure and the natural value of the shoreline. We hope that residents in West Marin communities and the visitors who come from all over the world will see the value in protecting the shorelines with living shoreline projects.”

Dane Behrens, Phd, PE, Coastal Engineer and Hydrologist

Tomales Bay provides year-round recreational opportunities for visitors to explore its tranquil waters and stunning scenery.

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