For more than 20 years, Terah has been a leading expert in integrated natural resources management, particularly focused on rare and endangered species and ecosystems in California.

Joining ESA in 2019, Terah brings a wealth of experience adeptly managing contracts for both public and private agencies. Her technical expertise in habitat conservation strategy and development results in projects with better ecological and financial outcomes that meet regulatory requirements.

Terah’s impressive track record includes spearheading the implementation of numerous Habitat Conservation Plans, including landmark projects such as Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan, County of San Diego Multiple Species Conservation Program Subarea Plan, and City of Carlsbad Habitat Management Plan. Her approach strikes a delicate balance between the conservation and recovery of at-risk species and economic development, infrastructure construction, and operational maintenance.

Collaborating closely with clients, stakeholders, and wildlife agencies, Terah is instrumental in crafting preserve management and monitoring plans, executing ecologically based restoration projects, and resolving critical uncertainties through grant-funded research initiatives. Her skill as a grant writer and administrator further amplifies her impact, securing funding from a variety of sources to fuel vital conservation efforts.

As Director of the Southern California Biological Resources Group, Terah leads the region’s largest practice group, consisting of 60 employee-owners. This group engages in significant projects spanning natural resource management, community development, water supply and delivery, surface transportation and ports, and energy.

Terah’s commitment to her field is evidenced by her active involvement as a Director of the National Habitat Conservation Plan Coalition which aims to promote large-scale Habitat Conservation Plans to boost economic development and protect endangered species and their habitats locally. She has earned a Master of Science in Environmental Management focusing on Conservation Science and Policy at Duke University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science at Northwestern University. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia.