ESA has a depth of experience in comprehensive land and resource management services that range from planning through permitting to implementation.

Our integrated teams work to address the varying needs of multiple stakeholders and agencies with balanced, cost-effective management approaches. Our capabilities encompass the full diversity of ecosystems and natural resources and range from simple invasive plant management to large-scale integrated regional management plans that encompass thousands of acres.

Whether for a mitigation area, a preserve, public lands, or a tribe’s reservation lands, our land and resource management specialists evaluate existing site conditions, outline desired future conditions, and develop project-specific long-term management goals and objectives. With expertise ranging from land stewardship and conservation to adaptive management and implementation services, we offer a full complement of in-house technical specialists and licensed practitioners, including planners, geomorphologists, hydrologists, fish and wildlife biologists, ecologists, botanists, landscape architects, planners, and engineers.

We have the experts necessary to oversee all stages of land and resource management, from planning and conceptual design to construction oversight and long-term monitoring.

Related specialties and services:

  • Baseline protocol surveys
  • Emergency response
  • Fuels management plans
  • Habitat conservation plans
  • Habitat modeling and assessments
  • Historical investigations, documentation, and plans
  • Integrated resource management plans
  • Integrated pest management plans
  • NEPA
  • Plant and wildlife surveys
  • Restoration and reclamation plans
  • Tribal consultation
  • Tribal Fee-to-Trust environmental documentation
  • Tribal resource plans and permitting
  • Vegetation management plans
  • Water quality
  • Watershed assessment and management
  • Wild and Scenic River plans
  • Wildlife hazard management assessments and plans

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