Dr. Anthony (Tony) Janicki has more than 40 years of experience with recognized expertise in the areas of aquatic ecology, water quality modeling and assessments, monitoring program design, limnology, estuarine ecology, and biological assessments. Over the past 25 years he has worked closely with Florida conservation partners to address a broad array of water quality and quantity issues to support implementation of local Conservation and Management Plans (CCMPs).

His work linking water quality to biotic responses is widely recognized. Tony led the efforts to establish seagrass, water quality, and loading targets, and numeric nutrient criteria across the wider Tampa Bay region.

Much of Tony’s professional career has involved analysis and interpretation of environmental data, ranging from techniques that relate stressor variables to response variables, as well as more descriptive techniques such as multivariate analyses. He has advocated the use of empirical modeling and has been recognized as an expert in the application of statistical models to predict water quality responses to environmental change, particularly in estuarine waters. Prior to joining ESA, he was co-founder and owner of Janicki Environmental, Inc., which was acquired by ESA in December 2023.