Transmission and Distribution

The need for efficient reviews and the new development of well-sited electrical transmission facilities is paramount to maintaining a reliable, safe, and functioning energy system that meets both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Our multidisciplinary experts have deep expertise and experience in the many areas needed to make these projects a success. From public outreach, strategy, planning, natural resource management, cultural resources, and regulatory permitting, we can help guide a reliable energy future.

In the realm of transmission lines – new or rebuilt – our cross-disciplinary teams offer in-house specialty consulting services, including cultural resources management and tribal consultation, linear siting, multi-state permitting, NEPA/CEQA/SEPA documentation, construction monitoring and compliance, and data management and reporting. We have experience with feasibility and site selection studies, site planning, impact assessment, licensing, permitting, monitoring, restoration, and public involvement. Our expert teams are nimble and can quickly mobilize big field deployments to support high-priority projects that keep energy production and transmission moving.

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