Valisa is the Director of the Northern California Energy Business Group where she leads a team of project managers and planners focused on helping clients navigate evolving regulatory and permitting challenges associated with energy infrastructure development.

Valisa has more than 20 years of experience in environmental planning and permitting, project management, and regulatory compliance in the environmental and energy industry. Valisa’s energy work focuses on electric transmission (substation and transmission line projects) and renewable energy (solar, battery energy storage systems, and wind projects). She provides senior project management services, and environmental regulatory and compliance services and enjoys working in a fast-paced environment on complex projects. Valisa manages and coordinates technical studies and environmental permitting, interacts with clients and regulatory agencies to develop a permitting plan, identifies all necessary permits, thoroughly evaluates permitting needs and strategy, prepares permit applications, prepares California state (CEQA) or federal (NEPA) environmental documents, and receives approvals prior to construction.

Valisa holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Arizona, a Master of Science in Earth Sciences from Dartmouth College, and a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in Earth Sciences from Dartmouth College.