ESA offers a wide range of riverine flood engineering and management services, with one of our greatest strengths being the integration of flood management with habitat preservation and enhancement.

Our flood management practice combines state-of-the-art hydrologic and hydraulic analyses with a deep understanding of how river hydrology affects, and is affected by, riverine habitats. This approach helps our clients solve flood problems while being good watershed stewards and navigating the environmental permitting and compliance landscape.

ESA’s flood management services range from watershed-level planning to site-scale analysis and engineering design, and these services are seamlessly integrated with our services in coastal engineering, climate change analysis, ecology, restoration, planning, and permitting.

Related specialties and services:

  • Climate change scenarios
  • FEMA compliance
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Rainfall-runoff modeling
  • River channel design
  • Sediment transport
  • Stream maintenance planning

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