With solar, wind, and battery storage projects greatly expanding across the Western United States, ESA is excited to welcome Liesbeth Magna who joins us as Southwest Region Client Development Director for Renewable Energy.

With more than 20 years of experience in client delivery, operations, and business development in the energy and renewables industry, Liesbeth will work closely with ESA’s energy market leader, regional directors, and business group directors to meet the growing demands of renewable energy clients and projects throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Liesbeth’s experience in the renewable energy market has largely focused on environmental services for solar, wind and battery development. Additionally, she has contributed to projects involving natural gas and carbon capture. She has served as trusted advisor, project manager, technical lead, portfolio manager, and client services lead to secure complex siting and permitting projects—involving everything from early-stage constraints analysis, environmental surveys, and permitting—through construction and post-construction compliance and securing habitat mitigation lands.

“I am excited to be on board at ESA, and I’m eager to leverage my existing relationships with agencies, regulators, developers, and the consulting community to help achieve national and statewide renewable energy goals,” says Liesbeth.

As Energy Market Leader Sharon Niemczyk notes, Liesbeth is recognized in the industry for her strengths as a solution-oriented strategic project leader and communicator.

“Liesbeth wholeheartedly embraces the complex, multifaceted nature and diverse landscape of the renewable energy market,” says Sharon. “With her regulatory and industry insights, stakeholder awareness, and strong communication and leadership skills, she understands and can successfully navigate the myriad factors essential for successful project delivery.”

Liesbeth’s skills also involve building and managing small and large multi-disciplinary teams for a variety of clients and market sectors. In her role at ESA, she will collaborate with and lead a team of planners, environmental scientists, CEQA and NEPA specialists, cultural resource specialists, and more.

“Providing staff with project opportunities that align with their career interests and support their career growth, as well as being a trusted advisor to clients who regularly award me new business based on previous performance and reputation, are some of the greatest accomplishments of my career,” she says.