It’s that time again when we celebrate our planet, in all of its 26,000-mile-round wonder, and each of its 57 million square miles of land and 326 million cubic miles of water.

By the numbers, Earth can seem expansive…and, yet, in many ways it is a small world after all.

Every year on Earth Day, we are reminded that each small act we take can make a difference in our communities, lessening our impact on neighboring habitats and improving the lives for species of all shapes and sizes.

ESA celebrates Earth Day every day at all levels—through the work we do, how we operate, and how each of us appreciates the beauty of our world.

Our Work
We approach every project with resiliency and sustainability in mind. Here are just a few ways we help our clients take care of the planet:

  1. Helping local governments plan for the effects of climate change.
  2. Reconnecting waterways and habitat so fish can thrive.
  3. Developing tools and templates to help communities lower their greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Recycling water for potable use and enhancing the ecology of a local watershed.

Our Operations
ESA’s move to distributed operations over the past year has dramatically reduced our commute times and our carbon footprint. We are going to take many of our virtual collaboration lessons learned and continue this positive trend in our business operations across the firm.

For those of us who venture out into the field for work and pleasure, we have invested in “work clean” kits for our field vehicles and boats—taking a cue from Working Clean: A Guide to Curbing the Introduction of Invasive Species.

Field biologist with neon green safety vest standing in a field of tall grass

Our People
The photos below are from our employee-owners who shared how they enjoy their time outdoors in honor of Earth Day.