ESA is excited to be present at the 2021 Virtual CalDesal Conference on February 10-11. We look forward to the many thought-provoking sessions that will be held, and are proud to be a sponsor of this year’s event.

We will have specialists with a breadth of experience with desalination and water resources projects, including Leslie Moulton-Post, Alisa Moore, Eric Zigas, Sarah Spano, Jeff Caton, PE, LEED AP, Tom Barnes, Heidi Rous, CPP, and Nick Garrity, PE.

Interested in joining our team? We are searching for a Mid-Level and Senior Project Manager to join our Northern California Water Group.

Why We Are Here
Desalination facilities, using reverse-osmosis membrane technology to treat seawater or brackish groundwater, can provide a new, local, potable, drought-proof supply. But the potential effects on marine life, and the concerns about its greenhouse gas contribution because of the high energy requirements to operate, make this option environmentally complex and controversial.

We understand the need to communicate complex technical processes associated with desalination, as well as sensitive technical issues such as emerging contaminants, in a way that both the public and decision-makers can understand. We investigate environmental opportunities and constraints, identify feasible alternatives, prepare technical studies and compliance documentation, conduct public meetings and agency consultations, develop and implement permit strategies and mitigation plans, and monitor mitigation compliance.

ESA’s multidisciplinary team has specialists in:

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