ESA’s in-house over water services program is built to support a wide range of client needs.

We recognize that projects in oceans, bays, rivers, and lakes present many unique limitations and needs. Our combination of equipment, technology, and experienced specialists results in increased efficiency, execution, and safety, for project work taking place over water.

Our ability to rapidly deploy fully equipped teams to hard-to-reach places benefits a variety of technical studies and monitoring efforts. Typical monitoring efforts include fish tagging and tracking environmental hydrology analysis, on-water construction site monitoring and equipment deployment, water quality monitoring and aquatic plant surveys, sensor and wave monitor installations, and other offshore and over water work. Our project types vary from permit application and post-permit compliance data collection, through habitat and water quality restoration and mitigation, and natural disaster event response.

With U.S. Coast Guard licensed and state and local certified boat captains, in line with ESA’s stringent safety standards, we can immediately book, transport, and use vessels specifically suited to project needs without involving third-parties. Our extensive vessel and equipment inventory, coupled with internal equipment maintenance teams, means we can deploy the vessel and equipment that are best-suited for the water body and task at-hand, where needed, and when needed, and guarantee their availability for the project duration.

In addition to a variety of motorized and non-motorized vessels, we also have a uniquely modified houseboat, allowing us to bring the laboratory directly to a project site. For any project survey needs, we have a craft in our fleet and the experts to operate them, that will make your project a success.

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