On January 11, 2022, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) circulated its draft of Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5021-1A, Noise Control and Compatibility Planning for Airports to industry associations for comments.

The AC provides guidance on conducting an Airport Noise and Land Use Compatibility Planning Study in accordance with the Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 150 regulations. Commonly referred to as Part 150 studies, these studies consist of a combined Noise Exposure Map (NEM) and Noise Compatibility Program (NCP) with noise mitigation and abatement measures. This document:

  • Replaces AC 150/5020-1, Noise Control and Compatibility Planning for Airports, dated August 5, 1983
  • Is intended for anyone responsible for preparing, updating, and reviewing Part 150 studies and implementing approved NCP measures
  • Covers the steps involved in developing NEMs and an NCP and presents key considerations for each step
  • Provides references to relevant FAA Orders, ACs, Transportation Research Board reports, and industry guidance

Comments from industry associations are due February 25, 2022, and may be considered by the FAA for inclusion in the final publication. Staff from ESA’s Aviation Noise team are involved in a number of industry associations and will be participating in technical working group discussions and the ultimate submittal of comments to the FAA.

ESA has provided airport noise and environmental planning, as well as public engagement and facilitation, at more than 150 airports worldwide. Our aviation noise resume includes projects at some of the most complex airports in the country, including LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy, Los Angeles, Seattle-Tacoma, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, San Antonio, Austin-Bergstrom, Charlotte, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Southwest Florida, and Sacramento International Airports. Services provided by ESA’s team have included but are not limited to Title 14 CFR Part 150 studies, noise contour development, flight procedure evaluation, airspace planning, residential sound-insulation programs, aircraft noise measurements, aircraft ground noise studies, aircraft noise monitoring system design, compatible land use planning, noise mitigation program development, noise litigation support, public involvement program facilitation, and a wide range of on-call noise services.

For more information, please reach out to Justin Cook.