Melissa Gross has taken the helm of the firm’s coast-to-coast business services team. This critical position creates consistent, efficient, and effective upgrades to ESA’s business operations, workflows, and systems.

“We saw the need to further strengthen the connectivity between our corporate team—what we call ESA’s Firmwide Services Team—and the Regional Business Services group to support ESA as it improves and grows,” says Leslie Moulton-Post, ESA’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Melissa has already taken initiative on some of these responsibilities over her 32 years here, including coordinating across the regional business services teams, facilities planning and management, and new hire onboarding.”

Over this last year in particular, Melissa has been an important member of both ESA’s internal COVID-19 Response Team and the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Task Force. As the firm shifted to dispersed operations out of offices in response to the pandemic, she was an integral part of the broad coordination to keep staff focused on our clients while the business services professionals handled the ins and outs of home office support, in-office essential functions, and keeping everyone feeling connected.

Melissa brings a passion for crafting innovative new hire onboarding experiences, administrative processes, and facilities management to this new position, while possessing an ability to work collaboratively across all levels. She is also a key DEI leader at the firm, and a representative of ESA’s Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) group, where BIPOC voices are lifted and amplified, guiding the firm’s DEI Committee to implement processes and procedures moving forward.

As she has done throughout her long, distinguished career at ESA, Melissa will continue to enhance the employee-owner experience and play a big part in furthering our inclusive culture in this new role.