ESA is a proud sponsor of the upcoming National Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) Coalition Annual Meeting happening on October 5-7. We look forward to thought-provoking discussions that will be held and seeing our colleagues, partners, and clients.

We’re Presenting

Join Principal Conservation Biologist and HCP Board of Directors Secretary Terah Donovan as she presents the Year in Review on October 6.

Connect With Our Experts

Connect with our team of specialists with a breadth of experience with land management, habitat conservation planning, permitting, and compliance projects, including Terah Donovan, Erich Fischer, Barbra Calantas, Susan Cunningham, Doug Skurski, Jill Sunahara, Melissa Denena, and Katie Dudney.

Interested in joining our team? Check out our open positions here.

Our Services

ESA’s full-service, in-house team provides a multi-discipline restoration approach grounded in ecology, hydrology, and geomorphology. We have extensive experience in the planning, design, implementation, and monitoring of native habitat restoration projects. We approach restoration from a landscape perspective—our designs are based on collection of site-specific data and re-create, within the context of modern conditions, a mosaic of natural processes, habitats, and species, to restore true ecological richness and habitat resiliency.

The ESA team has experience developing conservation strategies for project-specific and programmatic species and waters needs. Strategies range from involvement in Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP), Regional Conservation Investment Strategies (RCIS), In-Lieu Fees (ILF), mitigation/conservation banking, etc. ESA is at the leading edge of environmental trends to provide our clients with the knowledge and strategic thinking necessary to navigate changing regulations.

Through an environmental lens, ESA creates comprehensive program management and performance tracking applications, featuring interactive dashboards, maps, querying, and reporting capabilities. Day-to-day, field-based tablet applications streamline data collection and reporting to allow for real-time response to species or natural resource threats. Custom applications ensure information is at our clients’ fingertips and can be designed to serve multiple audiences and purposes, from sharing project-related information to improving data-driven decision-making and educating the public.

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