After five years and many courses of study, Spencer Easton, CFM, has earned his certification in Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution (ECCR). The certification comes from the John S. McCain III National Center for Environmental Conflict Resolution (National Center).

Formerly known as the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution when it was established in 1998, the National Center’s purpose is to enhance “multiparty problem solving and decision-making by helping parties work together, build a shared understanding of issues, address concerns, and develop strong outcomes.”

As a strategic planner and meeting facilitator, Spencer regularly leads projects with complex stakeholder engagement needs. He chose to pursue the Certificate in ECCR to build his skills and understanding of facilitation and collaboration.

“A well-planned and inclusive approach to facilitation and conflict resolution allows all participants’ voices to be heard and incorporated, which is becoming increasingly important for resolving controversial and contentious issues,” says Lisa Adolfson, ESA’s Water group director in the Northwest region. “Spencer has been an integral part of our team in this regard, and this ECCR certification combined with his unique skillset makes him the ideal candidate for helping clients with complex strategic planning and stakeholder engagement issues.”

Since taking his first course with the National Center in 2016, Spencer has applied the skills he learned to assist clients with collaboration on floodplain management, agricultural viability, and water resource projects.

Spencer regularly works on integrated floodplain management projects, which require a high degree of collaboration between flood risk reduction, salmon recovery, and agricultural interests. For example, Spencer is leading ESA’s efforts on the Puyallup Watershed Floodplains for the Future Shared Monitoring Plan and a multi-benefit acquisition strategy for the Lower Skykomish River. Spencer also currently facilitates two watershed restoration and enhancement committees that work to implement the Streamflow Restoration Act in the Puyallup-White and Chambers-Clover Watersheds.