Employee-Owner Spotlight

Nathan partners with Executive Leadership, Directors and employees to provide strategic guidance and direct all employee relations and compliance matters, reducing risk exposure to the organization.
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Autumn provides expertise in the aviation field showcasing her strong background in environmental planning, airport facility planning, and aviation safety on small to major large-hub airports in the United States and abroad.
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More Employee-Owner Spotlights
Jocelyn Seltenrich
Communications Manager

Jocelyn belongs to an improv comedy troupe and brings this creative energy to sharing ESA's story to our clients and partners.

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Doug Robison, PWS
Principal Associate

Starting his career at a series of engineering companies gave Doug an appreciation for working at "true science firm," where he can enjoy a good ecological geek-out session.

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Beth Pototo
Senior Executive Associate

Beth grew up operating heavy machinery. This might explain her cool-under-pressure approach to work.

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Kate Mirante
Northern California
Marketing Director

Kate appreciates the ups and downs of being an employee owner as it drives an honest, transparent company culture.

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Louis White, PE
Coastal Engineer

Louis says there's never been a dull moment in his career at ESA with the challenge of complex projects keeping him coming to work.

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Candace Ehringer
Cultural Resources
Program Manager

Upon retirement, Candace plans to volunteer with a local archaeological society to keep her hands dirty and mind active.

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Chris Sequeira
Senior Project Manager

Chris brings a unique set of skills and expertise to ESA, along with an equally unique hidden talent.

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