Employee-Owner Spotlight

Autumn provides expertise in the aviation field showcasing her strong background in environmental planning, airport facility planning, and aviation safety on small to major large-hub airports in the United States and abroad.
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Candace provides technical and compliance oversight while managing multi-disciplinary cultural resources projects and is adept at building teams of specialists that are uniquely qualified for the project at hand.
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More Employee-Owner Spotlights
Ilon Logan
Pacific Northwest
Biological Resources Director

Rain or shine, Ilon loves the outdoors, and translates her humble passion in providing quality services to our clients.

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Kate Mirante
Northern California
Marketing Director

Kate appreciates the ups and downs of being an employee owner as it drives an honest, transparent company culture.

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Louis White, PE
Coastal Engineer

Louis says there's never been a dull moment in his career at ESA with the challenge of complex projects keeping him coming to work.

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Doug Robison, PWS
Principal Associate

Doug says by far and away, ESA has been his favorite job and that being able to freely "geek out" with other scientists is vastly underappreciated.

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Beth Pototo
Senior Executive Associate

Beth grew up operating heavy machinery. This might explain her cool-under-pressure approach to work.

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