Employee-Owner Spotlight

LeChi (Chi) brings technical expertise to help clients conduct environmental impact assessments, implement regulatory permit compliance, and solve challenging environmental compliance issues with creative and practical solutions.
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Brian serves a Project Manager for all levels of CEQA documentation for a wide variety of project types, including mixed-use/urban infill projects, large-scale residential and specific plan developments, parks, trails, medical facilities, waste management, water and wastewater infrastructure, and coastal development projects.
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More Employee-Owner Spotlights
Nathan Rapp
Senior Program Manager

"Being able to positively impact people's lives, allowing them to be their absolute best personally and professionally" keeps Nathan coming to work at ESA every day.

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Autumn Ward
Senior Airport Planner

Whether it’s at work as an airport planner or at home coordinating her next trip, Autumn specializes in all aspects of aviation.

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Jocelyn Seltenrich
Communications Manager

Jocelyn belongs to an improv comedy troupe and brings this creative energy to sharing ESA's story to our clients and partners.

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Doug Robison, PWS
Principal Associate

Starting his career at a series of engineering companies gave Doug an appreciation for working at "true science firm," where he can enjoy a good ecological geek-out session.

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Beth Pototo
Senior Executive Associate

Beth grew up operating heavy machinery. This might explain her cool-under-pressure approach to work.

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Kate Mirante
Northern California
Marketing Director

Kate appreciates the ups and downs of being an employee owner as it drives an honest, transparent company culture.

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Louis White, PE
Coastal Engineer

Louis says there's never been a dull moment in his career at ESA with the challenge of complex projects keeping him coming to work.

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Candace Ehringer
Cultural Resources
Program Manager

Upon retirement, Candace plans to volunteer with a local archaeological society to keep her hands dirty and mind active.

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Chris Sequeira
Senior Project Manager

Chris brings a unique set of skills and expertise to ESA, along with an equally unique hidden talent.

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