Solid waste management addresses many challenges, including diminishing landfill capacity, increasing regulatory requirements, and mandated recycling.

Our team of environmental scientists, planners, and managers understand the complexities of solid waste management planning. We design and implement recycling and composting programs and assess long-term capacity requirements, develop policy and program assistance to minimize waste, and create personalized educational outreach and training programs to encourage waste reduction and participation in sustainable programs.

Our integrated approach has been applied to communities and metropolitan centers, as well as businesses, apartment complexes, and school districts. We’ve helped to divert more than 3.5 million pounds of waste from landfills, started more than 20 recycling and compost programs, and partnered with 13 agencies to provide ongoing community education.

Related specialties and services:

  • Carbon management and mitigation
  • Organics diversion
  • Outreach and training programs
  • Recycling programs
  • Water conservation and reuse
  • Zero-waste strategies and programs

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