On April 22, we all celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day while staying in place.

Though we missed the camaraderie of getting together to volunteer time and effort within our communities, ESA took the time to reflect on what being a good citizen on this planet looks like.

Many of us―myself included―have not worked from home for long stretches of time. We are learning new ways to connect, engage with our clients and teams, and deliver work that matters. Much of this hinges on the technology that we have at our fingertips here at ESA, but I’m realizing that there’s more to it than that.

Good-old-fashioned phone calls are on the rise. According to The New York Times, there is a need to hear one another’s voice. We are waving to each another (our smiles covered by facemasks) as we walk by at a distance. The humanity of our connectedness is becoming more and more apparent.

This is one reason we have produced this quarterly ESA Connects newsletter over the past five years. In sharing our stories and important regulatory updates with you, we are taking the time to reflect on our work, why it matters, and the positive impact we are having on our planet as a collective of scientists, planners, and designers. We share this newsletter with you so that you may learn more about us and so, together, we may learn how to do this work better, with improved outcomes that enrich our communities and protect our natural resources.

Every little bit counts; make that phone call, wave to one another, and consider every day Earth Day.

Leslie Moulton-Post
President/Chief Executive Officer