ESA’s President and CEO, Leslie Moulton-Post, joins the Water Education Foundation as one of its newest board members.

Moulton-Post joins the Foundation’s board alongside four other new members: former Natural Resources Secretary Mike Chrisman, Association of CA Water Agencies’ Executive Director Dave Eggerton, Kronick’s Eric Robinson, the Water and Power Group’s John Bezdek, and GEI Consultants’ Erica Bishop.

“I’ve always valued and admired the work of the Water Education Foundation. For me, it has been an important information source throughout my career, as well as a convener of disparate stakeholders for the discussions we must have. I’m honored to join this board and support its mission. A healthy and resilient future for California rests on our ability to manage water sustainably,” said Moulton-Post.

As ESA’s former California Water Practice leader, Moulton-Post has worked on water, wastewater, recycled water, floodwater, and now one-water projects across the state. Her experience includes comprehensive environmental review and compliance for major storage reservoir projects, including the Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion and Calaveras Dam Replacement; new water rights for Orange County Water District and the Cities of Stockton, Davis, and Woodland; system expansion and rehabilitation projects for the SF Public Utilities Commission, Department of Water Resources, LA County Sanitation Districts, and Metropolitan Water District; and reuse/indirect potable projects for several California communities.

The Foundation was founded in 1977 and focuses on producing news, maps, publications, workshops, school programs, and tours to raise awareness of water issues in California and across the Colorado River Basin. The entire board consists of 33 members, representing a broad cross-section of water, education, business, and environmental and public interest communities.

For more information and other Water Education Foundation news, please read the organization’s official press release.