Ryan is a biologist and urban forester with professional consulting experience in the environmental field throughout California. His general biological responsibilities include field surveys for habitat evaluation, rare plants, nesting bird, burrowing owl, bighorn sheep, least Bell’s vireo, resource constraints analysis, construction monitoring, EIR biological sections, and biological report writing. He specializes in restoration and urban forestry.

In the field of restoration, he has extensive experience with habitat mitigation planning, potential mitigation site field evaluations, vegetation mapping, and writing sections of habitat mitigation and monitoring plans. His urban forestry experiences include the assessment and inventory of native woodlands, managing and monitoring the relocation and preservation of trees on development sites, urban tree health assessments, tree decay studies, global positioning system mapping, construction monitoring, data analysis, hazardous tree assessments, invasive pests studies (GSOB & ISHB), and preparation of various arboricultural reports including urban forestry management plans, street tree management plans, and native tree restoration plans. He has provided on-call arborist services for multiple municipalities and large land managers.